Steel & Stainless steel

Brahma has its own Steel supplies a full range of stainless steel materials, included angle, beams, channel, bar, plate, pipe, tube, grating, expanded and perforated metal and grip strut. Stainless steel is a modern alloy developed in the early 1900’s after metallurgists discovered that chromium-iron alloys displayed superior corrosion resistance to carbon steel alloys. Stainless steel, which combines the high strength, hardness, workability and formability of steel with high corrosion resistance and smooth surface finish, is one of the most popular steel alloys and is used in applications throughout industry. It is a low cost material and is 100% recoverable and recyclable.
The corrosion resistance that is unique to stainless steel is the result of a transparent passive film of chromium oxide forms on the surface of the steel and protects it from oxidation. Higher chromium levels increase the corrosion resistance of the steel, but it creases the brittleness of the metal, making it hard to work with. There are three main categories of stainless steel, based on their crystalline structure