Commercial Buildings/Constructions

Brahma Engineering Pvt.Ltd. is a recognized and respected general contracting firm operating mainly in Chitwan,Nepal. We employ only those people who strive to be leaders in the construction industry through their capability, integrity and professionalism. Our customer base is based primarily on individuals and corporations that recognize the value provided through the negotiated work or selective bid process. We strive to epitomize our customer return in their investment by utilizing our ability to provide a streamlined design build service. We encourage our client’s interaction in the entire process of design, valued engineering, and construction of their project.
We are a boutique builder and are very hands on throughout the entire build. Every house is one of a kind and we spend a lot of time with the homeowner throughout the process. We also use Co-Construct - which is an online construction management software. It allows you to log in throughout the build and check your budget (updated on a daily basis), project schedule, make selections and communicate with the team at Brahma Engineering.